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  • Do you feel undervalued where you are at, and are eager to prove yourself? Do you feel you should be ahead of the pack, but just need some help in getting there? Talk to us Today!
  • However, if you are reading this and feel you have already got things figured out, or are just looking for a lead source, not a partnership; you are probably not a good fit for us.
  • But if on the other hand you are excited and feel this is for you, we welcome you to take the next step in working with us by clicking the link below and taking a few minutes to tell us more about yourself.

  • - Why you should join us Today -

    Opportunity to inspire new ideas

    A career with Prudential gives you the opportunity to inspire new ideas and make decisions that will shape a better future for everyone. Create something positive. Create something inspiring. Create something new....

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    - I am interested, how can I get started? -

    Qualifications required to be a Prudential Life Insurance Sales Agent/Consultant.
    • You should be at least 20+ years old.
    • You should have at least a Diploma or preferably a Degree.
    • It is compulsory for you to attend specific trainings before officially signing our Agency contract.

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    - Our core values -

    To help you better decide if we are good fit for you, here are a few key items we look for in our life insurance sales agents/consultants. Please click on the link below to know more about our core values.

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